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The Map.The NFT’s.

Welcome to the Great Non-Fungible Awakening. We give thanks to Champ Parinya tor producing an extremely influential map that has changed the lives of many around the world. I used to attempt my part in sharing the awakening by printing out paper copies of the map and giving them to whomever would accept one. Understanding the growing popularity of the world that is NFT’s, compelled, I decided to bring Champ’s map to life and hopefully reach the NFT audience. (Great Awakening Map can be viewed, downloaded and purchased by clicking the link below.)

The Breakdown.

Each word, phrase or quote on the map will be an NFT created by using Nightcafes AI Art Generator. Once I feel the information is depicted by an image properly understood, the generated photo will be placed within the trading card style template and numbered. To enhance interest and/or rarity, words on the map that are in bold will be considered “Special Edition” and will be limited in availability.


I do not wish to gain monetarily from this project which is why the common cards will be priced at .001 Ethereum. I hope the affordability can ensure the cards circulation and the information each holds reaches as many as possible.

I am but a team of one. I have the ability to use and deploy drag and drop websites and create the NFT’s with graphic creators (ie. Canva and Creatopy). I manage this projects social media including the Discord server. Bascially, I cannot write my own smart contracts and do not have a team of software developers to help push the project. So with that being said, if there are any out whose mission mirrors mine and would like to help with promoting Champ’s map in this alternative fashion, please feel free to DM me on Twitter or Discord!


Purchase and download the map here.

“The Great Awakening will not be televised. It will be spread through memes by awakened individuals such as yourself.”

-Champ Parinya


5D Awakening Consciousness